My name is not Eddie (WTF is Crazy Eddie?) but I am crazy. I am not the author of Crazy Eddie’s GUI System and I don’t know the person who is or why they are also using the Crazy Eddie moniker. They may have been there first…who knows ore cares.

This blog used to be at blogspot but I got tired of messing with HTML tags to publish my template ridden constructs just to show people how to do cool, weird, and possibly useless shit. Most of what I publish was actually useful to me at one time, or at least I thought it was, but occasionally I’ll do it Just Because I Can.

Mostly this blog exists because I’m regularly using a certain style in C++ that a lot of people are not accustom to. I’ve also got a lot of sometimes rather different ideas that at least I’ve not seen around. I like to share and help people figure out how to do some of the more intermediate to advanced C++ stuff.

This isn’t going to be just C++ though. There’ll be some design topics mixed in occasionally. Usually though this blog will be code oriented.


2 Responses to “W0t??”

  1. Hello,

    No, this is not shit, it is just different from what we are used to, that’s all! Sometimes not recommended at all (Quest for sane signals in Qt, for example), but everyone or so has wanted to do it!

    That is a reason why I post this comment: would you be interested in sharing all this craziness in other languages – French for example? If so, feel free to contact me by the email I provided, I would be delighted!

    Thibaut Cuvelier
    In charge of the Qt section of Developpez.com

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