Sane C++

I’ve created a second C++ blog that will be more geared toward practical, everyday programming. I’ll continue using this one as a place to discuss more advanced or, “just because I can,” topics.

Crazy Eddie’s Sane C++

The first post went up today. It is a brief introduction to unit testing using Boost.Test.

Introduction to unit testing

From the about:

This blog is a compliment to my other blog, Crazy Eddie’s Crazy C++. There I focus on more advanced subjects, like template metaprogramming, that are not going to be what you want to be writing all the time (or at all) because it can be tough to maintain. In this blog I focus on more practical–boring if you will–subjects you can and should use in your everyday C++ development. In Crazy C++ you can find tricks that respond to hard problems or just exercise the language; here I intend all content to be accessible and usable.

I assume some familiarity with the C++ language. Perhaps you’ve taken a college course or two, or maybe you’ve read a book and written a few exercise programs. You might even be interning or in your first few years of professional software development. Perhaps some of my posts here will give the occasional insight to an experienced software developer well versed in C++, but for the most part I intend to address those people who wish to go from barely knowing anything to being able to write maintainable C++ code. Expect to see a lot of simple idioms and pattern application.

You can find code examples for most posts in this blog at my github: Sane CPP.

Near future installments will include subjects like pimpl, NVPI, RAII…and whatever.

On another issue: I am currently on sabbatical but am on the lookout for potential employers as well. My linkedin profile serves as a resume; feel free to contact me if you have a position I could be interested in. In the meantime I hope to be more active in both of these blogs.


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